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12-meter hydraulic hydraulic ladder
12-meter hydraulic hydraulic ladder
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12-meter aluminum hydraulic ladder specificationPT Denko wahana sakti sells 12-meter aluminum hydraulic ladder is a conveyance tool that is enabled to reach the heights that are difficult to reach manually.Hydraulic aluminum ladder ride turunya electrically driven by using batteray / aku.sedangkan backward or maneuvering manuallyWith high security standards on each platform allows operators to easily complete above-ground operational activities, such as building glass cleanup, roofing, renovation, fixing lights, etc..This tool is in production to turn down manual ladder or stager commonly used Working height 12 meters with capacity 250 kg for two people:
We provide 2 years warranty service and 1 year spare part warranty and we can provide treaning for device operation.For after sales we already have our own service center.For information on aluminum ladder supply and order please contact:

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