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Scissor Lift 14 Meter
Scissor Lift 14 Meter
Scissor Lift 14 Meter
Scissor Lift 14 Meter
Scissor Lift 14 Meter
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Scissor liftPT. Denko Wahana Sakti is an authorized distributor of scissor lifts, we sell scissor lifts or hydraulic lifting equipment which is a tool for workmanship in height. Scissor lifts are tools for high altitude workmanship, especially projects, tall buildings, street lights or office-building complex, installation of ceilings, installation of building glass, painting of buildings and others for operational ups and downs have been electrically driven by using batteries
This tool can be operated quickly and easily and safely. With this tool the implementation of work will be lighter and faster and save operational costs.
We provide servive guarantees for 2 years and 1 year for spare parts and we are also willing to provide training for technical operation.This tool can also reach high places and is difficult to do using ordinary stairs.This tool is capable of lifting loads up to 300 kg depending on the work height. This tool starts with a working height of 6 meters to 16 meters, for available stocks ranging from 12 meters to 16 meters 


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