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hand truck prestar 300 kg special price
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Specification of

Hand truck specification 300 kg


Hand Truck Prestar 300 kg or hand Trolley Fold is a freight vehicle capable of carrying material up to 300 move goods from one place to another.
This product can be folded tangkai so it is easy to carry anywhere and very practical.
Model Hand Truck Prestar as follows:
- Model NF 301: cap 300 kg: size 920 x 510 mm

Specification: Model NF 301:
Trolley Foldable / Handtruck Prestar NF 301.
Loading Face: 920mm x 610mm.
Floor Height: 210mm.
Handle Height: 870mm.
Net Weight: 21.5kg.
Loading capacity: 300kg.
Caster: 130mm.


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