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hand stacker full electric noblift
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Specifications Hand Stacker full electric Noblift herawan 082217402399 Hand stacker full Electric Noblift is a lifting tool that functioned in operational activities of a company to move and arrange goods with a certain capacity and height lift. When viewed in terms of function and manner of performance, Hand lift full electric have in common with forklift that use hydraulik powered battery and has been equipped with place operator in steering rate so that can be operated full electric at the time of move or lift load. But that became one of the privileges of hand full electric Elevator that is in its use is more flexible both inside and outside the room does not cause pollution or noise as well as in the use of forklifts. It is suitable to move any type of load both material and type of food in the factory, warehousing, shops, supermarkets, etc. Hand Lift Full Electric, we sell with various type: Hand Stacker Full Electrik PSB 15 34 Fork Height: 3400mm Rated Capacity: 1500kg Hand Stacker Fulll Electrik PS 1555 Fork Height: 1555mm Rated Capacity: 1500kg Hand stacker full Electric PS 1560 Fork Height: 6000mm Rated Capacity: 1500kg 2 years warranty service and 1 year warranty spare part Get the best price Hand stacker full electric from our hub Herawan Hp / wa 082217402399 Email:

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